2nd Manassas - Aug. 1862
The Battle of 2nd Manassas - Friday, August 29, 1862
General Lee's Headquarters & the growing Confederate Line

Monroe Hill

As the day opened on Friday, August 29, 1862, General James Longstreet's troops resumed their march to join Stonewall Jackson's entrenched forces along the unfinished railroad cut. Having successfully fought a Union contingent at Thoroughfare Gap the previous day, the Confederate general was now free to advance to the assistance of his comrades in arms. Longstreet would remark in his official report about the readiness of his men.

"Early on the 29th the columns were united and the advance to join General Jackson was resumed. The noise of battle was heard before we reached Gainesville. The march was quickened to the extent of our capacity. The excitement of battle seemed to give new life and strength to our jaded men, and the head of my column soon reached a position in rear of the enemy's left flank and within easy cannon shot." [5]

General Lee would make his headquarters here on Monroe or Stuart's Hill which, with fewer trees in his front than are present today, allow him a commanding view of the battlefield. General Longstreet joined the left of his forces to the right of Jackson's men, folding them back across the Warrenton Turnpike. Jackson's men, still entrenched in the unfinished railroad cut, ran behind the Brawner House (seen in the distance in the image above) and ran north east towards the Sudley Church. Longstreet's line would continue from near the Brawner House towards this hill and the Manassas Gap Railroad line further south. Longstreet's line of men extended beyond the Union line facing Jackson, putting the Federals' position in serious jeopardy.

Edwin Forbes drawing of the battlefield late on August 30 1862