2nd Manassas - Aug. 1862
The Battle of Antietam - Wednesday, September 17, 1862
Weather: 69 to 76 degrees & humid

General George B. McClellan
"You may find those who will go faster than I, Mr. President; but it is very doubtful if you will find many who will go further." [13]
-- Gen. George B. McClellan Commander
Army of the Potomac
to President Lincoln

"I fear that my day of usefulness to the country is past-at least under this administration. I hope and trust that God will watch over, guide, and protect me. I accept most resignedly all He has brought upon me. Perhaps I have really brought it on myself; for while striving conscientiously to do my best, it may well be that I have made great mistakes that my vanity does not permit me to perceive."

"If things come to pass as I anticipate, I shall leave the service with a sad heart for my country but a light one for myself. But one thing keeps me at my work - love for my country and my army. Surely no general had ever better cause to love his men than I have to love mine." [D]

-- General George B. McClellan, USA
Letters to his Wife, July 17th & 18th 1862 respectively.