Randy Chadwick - Brotherswar Site Author - April 10 2009
Welcome and thank you very much for visiting Brotherswar.com. I hope that you enjoy what I've put together over the years. I thought that, after frequently receiving questions about who developed and maintains this site, I would put that information here.

This site was developed and continues to be updated and revised by, well, me. After being seriously bitten by the Civil War bug about a decade ago, sharing images and information about the Late Unpleasantness has been a particular passion of mine.

Some of what I've enjoyed the most is responding to questions or comments from visitors. If you have comments, suggestions, corrections, criticisms, or requests for information, you are always welcome to e-mail me. I will respond to all e-mails that I receive.

Please feel free to contact me using the email address noted below.  I post my e-mail address this way to avoid getting swamped with spam.

Note: I have removed the email form that had been posted here because it was not functioning properly. It did not send through the person's email address who had contacted me which meant that I could not respond to their questions or comments.

Conditions For the Use of Any Portion of this Web Site

In developing this site, I have made every effort to include only accurate, verifiable information. However, I do concede that this site may contain errors or information that may prove misleading or inaccurate. None of that is intentional of course. By using any of the contents, information, pictures, videos, or resources contained on this web site in any capacity, in any medium, for any purpose, the user releases the web site author, me, from any and all liability that may stem directly or indirectly from this use. I don't know what the liability may be but I wanted to be up front about this.

This site contains over 1,300 pictures. With the exception of those courtesy of the US National Archives or the US Library of Congress, these photographs chosen from many thousands that I've taken while walking the fields where our ancestors decided the fate of this country. The effort in editing and posting these pictures, although certainly a labor of love, is extremely time consuming. If you wish to use any of the pictures original to the author of this site, please e-mail me with your request and I will respond to you as quickly as possible. Please try to be specific about your intended use.

No one may use any of the original text, pictures, video, short stories, or other types of imagery or presentations on this site in any capacity at any time for sale, resale, profit, or distribution for profit without my expressed, written permission stating the acceptability of and conditions for such use. No one may distribute any of the pictures, video, or images original to the site's author for any purpose, profit or otherwise, without my expressed written permission. Text or pictures used in circumstances not noted above, such as for non-profit educational purposes, should always contain a reference to this site which includes the web address www.brotherswar.com.

One other thought, especially for students. Some who have come to this site have occasionally e-mailed requests for information related to homework or other assignments. While I appreciate very much all of the visitors to this site, I have made it a practice to not answer questions posed for the purpose of completing homework.

Again, thank you very much for visiting. 

Very Respectfully,

Your Obedient Servant,

Randy Chadwick

The Brotherswar Blog

I have kept the initial Brotherswar blog online although I stopped adding to it on February 25, 2007. You can find it here. http://gettysburg-acw.blogspot.com

*** If I have included anything on this site that is documented incorrectly or is used improperly due to an existing copyright, please e-mail me and I will correct or remove it immediately. ***

History of Revisions to Terms for Conditions of Use
Originally posted in 2002. Revised January 2008, April 2009, and December 2012.