2nd Manassas - Aug. 1862
The Battle of Chancellorsville - Sunday, May 3rd, 1863
Guinea Station

Guinea Station Out Building
After his wounding and the amputation of his left arm at the shoulder, General Jackson endured a torturous 27 mile, 12 hour wagon ride over rough, bumpy roads to the Chandler Plantation at Guinea Station. This somewhat distant location behind the lines was intended to allow for his recovery until Southern rail transport could take him to Richmond if needed. Doctors expressed optimism as his recovery initially seemed to progress well. On May 7, Jackson's wife, Mary Anna, and 5 month old daughter, Julia Laura, arrived only to learn that he had contracted pneumonia and may not survive. The tiny daughter whom he had for the first time joyfully held just days earlier, would soon lose her adoring father.

Upon learning this, General Jackson said tenderly to his wife, "I know you would gladly give your life for me, but I am perfectly resigned. Do not be sad. I hope I may yet recover. Pray for me, but always remember in your prayers to use the petition, 'Thy will be done'." [17]