2nd Manassas - Aug. 1862
Battle of 1st Fredericksburg - Saturday, December 13, 1862
Weather: Morning fog

Confederate dead along the Sunken Road - 1863"...the enemy deployed in a ravine which was between us and the city, and distant about 300 or 400 yards from the stone wall, and advanced with fresh columns to the attack at intervals of not more than fifteen minutes, but they were repulsed with zeal and driven back with much loss on every occasion. This continued until about 4.30 p.m." [9]

-- Maj. Gen. Lafayette McLaws, Official Report

"...our batteries poured a rapid and destructive fire into the dense lines of the enemy as they advanced to the attack, frequently breaking their ranks and forcing them to retreat to the shelter of the houses. Six times did the enemy, notwithstanding the havoc caused by our batteries, press on with great determination to within 100 yards of the foot of the hill, but here encountering the deadly fire of our infantry, his columns were broken and fled in confusion to the town...the last [assault] occurred shortly before dark. This effort met the fate of those that preceded it, and, when night closed in, the shattered masses of the enemy had disappeared in the town, leaving the field covered with dead and wounded." [5]

-- General Robert E. Lee,
Official Report

"I can truthfully say that in that moment, I gave my life up. I do not expect ever again to face death more certainly than I thought I did then...I said to myself, "This is duty. I'll trust in God and do it. If I fall, I cannot die better." ...The nervous strain was simply awful. It can be appreciated only by those who have experienced it. The atmosphere seemed surcharged with the most startling and frightful things. Death, wounds, and appalling destruction everywhere."
-- "War from the Inside"
Lt. Frederick L. Hitchcock
132nd PA Infantry.