2nd Manassas - Aug. 1862
The Battle of Gettysburg - Thursday July 2, 1863
Confederate General Robert E. Lee

The Gettysburg Battlefield from the Pennsylvania Monument

"On the 2d July, Longstreet's corps, with the exception of one division, having arrived, we attempted to dislodge the enemy, and, though we gained some ground, we were unable to get possession of his position." [5]

-General Robert E. Lee
July 4, 1863
Letter to CSA President Jefferson Davis

"The highest praise is due to both officers and men for their conduct during the campaign. The privations and hardships of the march and camp were cheerfully encountered, and borne with a fortitude unsurpassed by our ancestors in their struggle for independence, while their courage in battle entitles them to rank with the soldiers of any army and of any time. Their forbearance and discipline, under strong provocation to retaliate for the cruelty of the enemy to our own citizens, is not their least claim to the respect and admiration of their countrymen and of the world." [5]

- Official Report of General Robert Edward Lee, C.S.A.,
discussing the aftermath of the Battle of Gettysburg