2nd Manassas - Aug. 1862
The Battle of Gettysburg - Thursday July 2, 1863
CSA Brigadier General Joseph Kershaw & the Rose Farm

The Rose Farm.
West of the Wheatfield on the grounds of the Rose Farm, weathering a hailstorm of shot, shell, and canister, Confederate Brigadier General Joseph Kershaw's troops forced the Federals from their positions occupying the grounds just hours earlier. Referring to the Rose Farm, General Kershaw said, "In my center front was a stone house, and to the left of it a stone barn, both about 500 yards from our line, and on a line with the crest of the orchard hill. Along the front of the orchard, and on the face looking toward the stone house, the enemy's infantry was posted." The picture to your left shows the still standing stone house and the remains of the stone barn to its right. General Kershaw's South Carolinians took this ground despite the obstacles the General later described. He said, "...examining the position of the enemy, I found him to be in superior force in the orchard, supported by artillery." [9]

Despite his brigade's eventual successes on this second day of the Battle of Gettysburg, Brigadier General Kershaw offered in his official report, "It was now near nightfall, and the operations of the day were over. Gathering all my regiments, with Semmes' brigade, behind the wall, and placing pickets well to the front, I commenced the melancholy task of looking up my numerous dead and wounded. It was a sad list." [9]

Confederate dead on the Rose Farm - Gettysburg 1863