Confederate Army of Northern Virginia

    Commanding General
    General Robert Edward Lee

    Army Headquarters' Staff

    Colonel Robert H. Chilton, Chief of Staff & Inspector General
    Brigadier General William Nelson Pendleton, Chief of Artillery
    Dr. Lafayette Guild, Medical Director
    Lieutenant Colonel Briscoe G. Baldwin, Chief of Ordinance
    Lieutenant Colonel Robert G. Cole, Chief of Commissary
    Lieutenant Colonel James L. Corley, Chief Quartermaster
    Major Henry E. Young, Judge Advocate General
    Colonel Armistead L. Long, Military Secretary & Acting Chief of Artillery
    Lieutenant Colonel Walter H. Taylor, Aide to Camp & Assistant Adjutant General
    Major Charles Marshall, Aide to Camp & Assistant Military Secretary
    Major Charles S. Venable, Aide to Camp & Assistant Inspector General
    Captain Samuel R. Johnston, Engineer

    First Corps
    Lieutenant General James Longstreet

      McLaw's Division
      Major General Lafayette McLaws

        Kershaw's Brigade
        Brigadier General Joseph B. Kershaw

          2nd South Carolina
          3rd South Carolina
          7th South Carolina
          8th South Carolina
          15th South Carolina
          3rd South Carolina Battalion

        Barksdale's Brigade
        Brigadier General William Barksdale
        Colonel B. G. Humphries

          13th Mississippi
          17th Mississippi
          18th Mississippi
          21st Mississippi

        Semmes' Brigade
        Brigadier General Paul J. Semmes
        Colonel Goode Bryan

          10th Georgia
          50th Georgia
          51st Georgia
          53rd Georgia

        Wofford's Brigade
        Brigadier General W. T. Wofford

          16th Georgia
          18th Georgia
          24th Georgia
          Cobb's (Georgia) Legion
          Phillip's (Georgia) Legion

        Colonel H. C. Cabell

          1st North Carolina Artillery, Battery A
          Pulaski (Georgia) Artillery
          1st Richmond Howitzers
          Troup (Georgia) Artillery

      Pickett's Division
      Major General George E. Pickett

        Garnett's Brigade
        Brigadier General Richard B. Garnett
        Major C. S. Peyton

          8th Virginia
          18th Virginia
          19th Virginia
          28th Virginia
          56th Virginia

        Kemper's Brigade
        Brigadier General James L. Kemper
        Colonel Joseph Mayo

          1st Virginia
          3rd Virginia
          7th Virginia
          11th Virginia
          24th Virginia

        Armistead's Brigade
        Brigadier General Louis Addison Armistead
        Colonel W. R. Aylett

          9th Virginia
          14th Virginia
          38th Virginia
          53rd Virginia
          57th Virginia

        Major James Dearing

          Fauquier (Virginia) Artillery
          Hampden (Virginia) Artillery
          Richmond Fayette Artillery
          Virginia Battery

      Hood's Division
      Major General John Bell Hood
      Brigadier General Evander McIver Law

        Law's Brigade
        Brigadier General Evander McIver Law
        Colonel James L. Sheffield

          4th Alabama
          15th Alabama
          44th Alabama
          47th Alabama
          48th Alabama

        Robertson's Brigade (Hood's Texas Brigade)
        Brigadier General Jerome Bonaparte Robertson

          3rd Arkansas
          1st Texas
          4th Texas
          5th Texas

        Benning's Brigade
        Brigadier General Henry L. Benning

          2nd Georgia
          15th Georgia
          17th Georgia
          20th Georgia

        Anderson's Brigade
        Brigadier General George T. Anderson
        Lieutenant Colonel William Luffman

          7th Georgia
          8th Georgia
          9th Georgia
          11th Georgia
          59th Georgia

        Major M. W. Henry

          Branch (North Carolina) Artillery
          German (South Carolina) Artillery
          Palmetto (South Carolina) Artillery
          Rowan (North Carolina) Artillery

      First Corps Artillery Reserve
      Colonel James B. Walton

        Alexander's Battalion
        Colonel Edward Porter Alexander

          Ashland (Virginia) Artillery
          Bedford (Virginia) Artillery
          Brooks (South Carolina) Artillery
          Madison (Louisiana) Light Artillery
          Virginia Battery
          Virginia Battery

        Washington (Louisiana) Artillery
        Major B. F. Eshleman

          First Company
          Second Company
          Third Company
          Fourth Company

    Second Corps
    Lieutenant General Richard Stoddert Ewell

      Early's Division
      Major General Jubal Anderson Early

        Hays' Brigade
        Brigadier General Harry T. Hays

          5th Louisiana
          6th Louisiana
          7th Louisiana
          8th Louisiana
          9th Louisiana

        Hoke's Brigade
        Colonel Isaac E. Avery
        Colonel A. C. Goodwin

          6th North Carolina
          21st North Carolina
          57th North Carolina

        Smith's Brigade
        Brigadier General William Smith

          31st Virginia
          49th Virginia
          52nd Virginia

        Gordon's Brigade
        Brigadier General John Brown Gordon

          13th Georgia
          26th Georgia
          31st Georgia
          38th Georgia
          60th Georgia
          61st Georgia

      Johnson's Division
      Major General Edward Johnson

        Steuart's Brigade
        Brigadier General George H. Steuart

          1st Maryland Battalion Infantry
          1st North Carolina
          3rd North Carolina
          10th Virginia
          23rd Virginia
          37th Virginia

        The Stonewall Brigade
        Brigadier General James A. Walker

          2nd Virginia
          4th Virginia
          5th Virginia
          27th Virginia
          33rd Virginia

        Nicholls' Brigade
        Colonel J. M. Williams

          1st Louisiana
          2nd Louisiana
          10th Louisiana
          14th Louisiana
          15th Louisiana

        Jones' Brigade
        Brigadier General John M. Jones
        Lieutenant Colonel R. H. Dungan

          21st Virginia
          25th Virginia
          42nd Virginia
          44th Virginia
          48th Virginia
          50th Virginia

        Major James W. Latimer
        Captain Charles I. Raine

          1st Maryland Battery
          Alleghany (Virginia) Battery
          Chesapeake (Maryland) Battery
          Lee (Virginia) Battery

      Rodes' Division
      Major General Robert E. Rodes

        Daniel's Brigade
        Brigadier General Junius Daniel

          32nd North Carolina
          43rd North Carolina
          45th North Carolina
          53rd North Carolina
          2nd North Carolina Battalion

        Iverson's Brigade
        Brigadier General Alfred Iverson

          5th North Carolina
          12th North Carolina
          20 North Carolina
          23rd North Carolina

        Doles' Brigade
        Brigadier General George Doles

          4th Georgia
          12th Georgia
          21st Georgia
          44th Georgia

        Ramseur's Brigade
        Brigadier General Stephen D. Ramseur

          2nd North Carolina
          4th North Carolina
          14th North Carolina
          30th North Carolina

        O'Neal's Brigade
        Colonel Edward A. O'Neal

          3rd Alabama
          5th Alabama
          6th Alabama
          12th Alabama
          26th Alabama

        Lieutenant Colonel Thomas A. Carter

          Jeff Davis (Alabama) Artillery
          King William (Virginia) Artillery
          Morris (Virginia) Artillery
          Orange (Virginia) Artillery

      Second Corps Artillery Reserve
      Colonel J. Thompson Brown

        First Virginia Artillery
        Captain Willis J. Dance

          2nd Richmond (Virginia) Howitzers
          3rd Richmond (Virginia) Howitzers
          Powhatan (Virginia) Artillery
          Rockbridge (Virginia) Artillery
          Salem (Virginia) Artillery

        Nelson's Battalion
        Lieutenant Colonel William Nelson

          Amherst (Virginia) Artillery
          Fluvanna (Virginia) Artillery
          Georgia Battery

    Third Corps
    Lieutenant General Ambrose Powell Hill

      Anderson's Division
      Major General Richard Anderson

        Wilcox' Brigade
        Brigadier General Cadmus M. Wilcox

          8th Alabama
          9th Alabama
          10th Alabama
          11th Alabama
          14th Alabama

        Perry's Brigade
        Colonel David Lang

          2nd Florida
          5th Florida
          8th Florida

        Wright's Brigade
        Brigadier General Ambrose R. Wright
        Colonel William Gibson
        Brigadier General Ambrose R. Wright

          3rd Georgia
          22nd Georgia
          48th Georgia
          2nd Georgia Battalion

        Posey's Brigade
        Brigadier General Carnot Posey

          12th Mississippi
          16th Mississippi
          19th Mississippi
          48th Mississippi

        Mahone's Brigade
        Brigadier General William Mahone

          6th Virginia
          12th Virginia
          16th Virginia
          41st Virginia
          61st Virginia

        Artillery (Sumpter Battalion)
        Major John Lane

          Company A
          Company B
          Company C

      Heth's Division
      Major General Henry Heth
      Brigadier General James Johnston Pettigrew

        Pettigrew's Brigade
        Brigadier General James Johnston Pettigrew
        Colonel James K. Marshall

          11th North Carolina
          26th North Carolina
          47th North Carolina
          52nd North Carolina

        Brockenbrough's Brigade
        Colonel John M. Brockenbrough

          40th Virginia
          47th Virginia
          55th Virginia
          22nd Virginia Battalion

        Archer's Brigade
        Colonel Birkett D. Fry
        Lieutenant Colonel Samuel G. Shepard

          13th Alabama
          5th Alabama Battalion
          1st Tennessee (Provisional Army)
          7th Tennessee
          14th Tennessee

        Davis' Brigade
        Brigadier General Joseph R. Davis

          2nd Mississippi
          11th Mississippi
          42nd Mississippi
          55th North Carolina

        Lieutenant Colonel John J. Garnett

          Donaldsonville (Louisiana) Artillery
          Huger (Virginia) Artillery
          Lewis (Virginia) Artillery
          Norfolk Light Artillery Blues

      Pender's Division
      Major General William D. Pender
      Brigadier General James H. Lane
      Brigadier General Isaac R. Trimble
      Brigadier General James H. Lane

        Perin's Brigade

          1st South Carolina (Provisional Army)
          1st South Carolina Rifles
          12th South Carolina
          13th South Carolina
          14th South Carolina

        Lane's Brigade
        Brigadier General James H. Lane
        Colonel C. M. Avery
        Brigadier General James H. Lane
        Colonel C. M. Avery

          7th North Carolina
          18th North Carolina
          28th North Carolina
          33rd North Carolina
          37th North Carolina

        Thomas's Brigade
        Brigadier General Edward L. Thomas

          14th Georgia
          35th Georgia
          45th Georgia
          49th Georgia

        Scales' Brigade
        Brigadier General Alfred M. Scales
        Lieutenant Colonel G. T. Gordon
        Colonel W. Lee J. Lowrance

          13th North Carolina
          16th North Carolina
          22nd North Carolina
          34th North Carolina
          38th North Carolina

        Major William T. Poague

          Albemarle (Virginia) Artillery
          Charlotte (North Carolina) Artillery
          Madison (Mississippi) Artillery
          Virginia Battery

      Third Corps Artillery Reserve
      Colonel R. Lindsey Walker

        McIntosh's Battalion
        Major D. G. McIntosh

          Danville (Virginia) Artillery
          Hardaway (Alabama) Artillery
          2nd Rockbridge (Virginia) Artillery
          Virginia Battery

        Pegram's Battalion
        Major William J. Pegram
        Captain E. B. Brunson

          Crenshaw (Virginia) Battery
          Fredericksburg (Virginia) Artillery
          Letcher (Virginia) Artillery
          Pee Dee (South Carolina) Artillery Purcell (Virginia) Artillery


      Stuart's Division
      Major General James Ewell Brown "JEB" Stuart

        Hampton's Brigade
        Brigadier General Wade Hampton
        Colonel L. S. Baker

          1st North Carolina
          1st South Carolina
          2nd South Carolina
          Cobb's (Georgia) Legion
          Jeff Davis (Mississippi) Legion
          Phillip's (Georgia) Legion

        Fitzhugh Lee's Brigade
        Brigadier General Fitzhugh Lee

          1st Maryland Battalion
          1st Virginia
          2nd Virginia
          3rd Virginia
          4th Virginia
          5th Virginia

        Robertson's Brigade
        Brigadier General Beverly H. Robertson

          4th North Carolina
          5th North Carolina

        Jenkin's Brigade
        Brigadier General Albert G. Jenkins
        Colonel Milton J. Ferguson

          14th Virginia
          16th Virginia
          17th Virginia
          34th Virginia Battalion
          36th Virginia Battalion
          Jackson's Virginia Battery

        Jones' Brigade
        Brigadier General William E. Jones

          6th Virginia
          7th Virginia
          11th Virginia Battalion

        W. H. F. Lee's Brigade
        Colonel John R. Chambliss, Jr.

          2nd North Carolina
          9th Virginia
          10th Virginia
          13th Virginia

        Stuart's Horse Artillery
        Major Robert F. Beckham

          Breathed's (Virginia) Battery
          Chew's (Virginia) Battery
          Griffin's (Maryland) Battery
          Hart's (South Carolina) Battery
          McGregor's (Virginia) Battery
          Moorman's (Virginia) Battery

      Imboden's Command
      Brigadier General John D. Imboden

        18th Virginia Cavalry
        62nd Virginia Infantry, Mounted
        Virginia Partisan Rangers
        Virginia Battery

    Chief of Artillery
    Brigadier General William Nelson Pendleton

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