2nd Manassas - Aug. 1862
Life and the Civil War
The Home of Abraham Bryan

The Home and barn of Abraham Bryan.
This modest abode on Cemetery Ridge was the home of Abraham Bryan. He owned this house along with a 12 acre farm on what became part of the now hallowed battlefield. Mr. Bryan left the area during the battle as Union Major General Winfield Scott Hancock's Second Corp occupied his lands located just north of the Angle, the target of a significant portion of the Confederates during the Pickett / Pettigrew Charge. His home nearly destroyed, he petitioned the government for $1,028 in restitution, receiving only $15.

A plaque on the battlefield notes that he and James Warfield, who lived near the southern end of Seminary Ridge, were a part of a "small, unique group of farmers" who were free black men who also owned property. Despite the barriers, Mr. Bryan rebuilt and prospered until his death in 1879.

The Abraham Bryan House at Gettysburg