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In January of 2008, the web author began the process of adding titles to the source notations found on the individual pages of this web site. For example, while browsing this site, you may find a quote followed by a number or a letter in brackets. Here is an example.

"We have sworn a thousand times by our eternal wrongs, by our sacred God-given rights, by the memory of our noble fathers and our glorious past, by our gallant dead who lie in every plain of our war-scarred State, by our glorious victories on many a well-fought field, that we would be free. Shall we not keep our oaths? Can we kneel down by the graves of our dead, kneel in the very blood from sons yet fresh, and kiss the rod which smote them down. Never! Never! Better die a thousand deaths. We have still power to resist." - Brigadier General Thomas T. Munford [5]

The number or letter inside brackets indicates the source of the information sited. If you place your mouse or cursor over the brackets without clicking, you will see a title noting the source of the information mentioned. You can test this by moving your mouse over the "[5]" at the end of the quote above.  Clicking on the number or letter within the brackets will bring you to this page for more descriptive information on the source noted.

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